About Slade and Elky


About “Those Windburn Brothers”

You may be asking yourself, “Who are Those Windburn Brothers?” Well you wouldn’t be the only one. We are Those Windburn Brothers, Slade & Elky. You may also be asking yourself why we are “Those” Windburn Brothers rather than just “The” Windburn Brothers. Our journey began way down in south Texas in the little town of Beeville when we were just kids. The parents of our friends and neighbors used to just shake their heads and mumble something under their breath and disparagingly say, “those Windburn brothers!!” To this day I claim that it wasn’t me who through the rock through the Johnson’s window and Elky assures me that it wasn’t him that put gum in Linda Sue’s hair. Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to live with it.

When I turned 10 I got an old beat up guitar for my birthday and took some lessons from an older lady in downtown Beeville. Her name was Mrs. Oder. I think she was German. A couple of years later Elky got a mandolin and began his musical journey. Together we learned a thousand Hank Williams and Louvin Brothers songs. When his hands were big enough Elky switched to bass and we hit the road. Of course I had to show him how to play it. That’s what big brothers do.

Nowadays we live in northern California and are fortunate to play all the fine venues and festivals that we can find. We still play all of the Hank Williams, Louvin Brothers, Wilburn Brothers, and Lefty Frizzel songs that we learned many years ago. And we figured there wasn’t enough heartache in contemporary country music so we wrote a few ourselves.

Take a look at our touring schedule and come out and give us a listen. We hope to see you down the road.